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Putt2Win Putting First Aid Kit full of Golf Practice Training Aids inc a Putting Mirror, Putting Guides, Putting Gate, Ghost Holes, Flat Golf Ball, Ball Stencil & Marker Pens in a Tin. Great Golf Gift

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Putt2Win Putting First Aid Kit is a Simple yet Powerful Set of Training Tools to help Golfers Fix Problems with their Putting, Practice More Effectively, Check Putting Fundamentals Before a Game, Stroke the Ball Better with the Putter & to Make More Putts!

The Putting First Aid Kit has been Expertly Designed in the UK & Contains a Great Selection of the Best, Most Popular and Widely Used Putting Aids on the Market used by Tour Pro Golfers & Golf Instructors All Around the World.

All of the Practice Aids are Extremely Quick & Easy to Setup & are Very Simple to Use. The Full Kit is Self-Contained inside a 12cm Tin for Protection which will fit Neatly into your Golf Bag.

Putt2Win First Aid Kit Includes: A Flat Golf Ball, Putting Mirror, Putting Guides, 55mm Putting Gate, 3 Ghost Target Holes, Ball Line Stencil with Pens & a Tin to Protect your Kit which Easily fits into you Golf Bag – A Perfect Putting Practice Golf Alignment Training Aid you can use Anywhere & A Great Gift for Any Golfer Young or Old

1.⛳ ✔️ PERFECT PUTTING WITH THE PUTT2WIN MIRROR –All Golfers know the Importance of Good Alignment & being Able to Set Up with Eyes over the Ball & a Perfectly Aligned Putter Face. The Putt2Win Putting Mirror is Perfect for checking your Eye / Head Position when Putting and Ensure the Head Stays Still during the Stroke. Lines on the Mirror let you Easily Square the Putter Face to your Target & Provide Strong Visual Aids to Start the Ball on the Right Line - Crucial Elements to Hole More Putts.

2.⛳ ✔️ PUTT2WIN FLAT BALL PRACTICE AID – The Flat Golf Ball is a Putting Aid Shaped Similar to a Car Tyre that Provides Instant Feedback on your Putting Stroke when Practicing. Place the Ball Upright Lined Up to your Target & Stroke your Putt – Hit the Ball Square & it will Roll Straight to your Target – Hit the Ball with an Open or Closed Putter Face & it will Veer Off to the Left or Right or Wobble or Fall Over. Simple Effective Feedback to Instantly Highlight Issues with your Putting Stroke.

3.⛳ ✔️ PUTT2WIN PUTTING GUIDES - Simple & Effective Training Aid to Help Golfers Strike the Ball Consistently in the Centre of the Putter Face. Align the Putter with the Ball & Place the Guides either side of the Putter. Putt the Ball without Hitting the Guides to Improve Stroke Accuracy & Become a Consistent Putter. This was Tiger Woods Favourite Putting Drill. Can be Secured into the Green using Four Tees Included. Made from Hard Foam which Will NOT Mark your Putter if Hit Accidentally.

4.⛳ ✔️ PUTT2WIN PUTTING GATES – A Putt2Win Putting Gate is Simple & Easy to Use & will Challenge any Golfers Ability to Stroke the Golf Ball on the Correct Starting Line. Insert the Gate into the Green on your Target Line 12 inches or more in Front of the Golf Ball & Stroke the Ball through the Gate. The Gate will help Train your Ability to Start the Ball on the Correct Line & Improve the Accuracy of your Putts out on the Golf Course. The Putt2Win Gate is 55mm Wide.

5.⛳ ✔️ PUTT2WIN GHOST TARGET HOLES X 3 – Three Putt2Win Ghost Target Holes are Included in the Putting Tin so that you can Create your own Hole anywhere on the Green or use them as Targets to Mark the Putts Break Point to Roll Over During the Balls Journey to the Hole. The Ghost Holes are made from Rubber, are Less than 1mm Thick & 10.8cm in Diameter the Size of a Golf Hole. A 12cm Tin is Included which Easily Slides into your Golf Bag and Conveniently Stores & Protects your Putting System.

6.⛳ ✔️ PUTT2WIN BALL LINE STENCILS X 2 WITH PENS – 2 Ball Marker Stencils with Marker Pens are Included to Draw Lines on your Golf Balls which Align to the Putt2Win Mirror & Strengthen the Visual Alignment Aids of the Set. The Mirror Cannot be used while Playing Competitions but you can use Balls with Lines to Help your Alignment and Take your Practice on to the Course. The Stencils can also be used to Draw Lines on the Putt2Win Flat Ball.

⛳ ✔️ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – At Putt2Win we are Extremely Proud of the Products we Offer but if for any reason within 30 Days of Purchase you are not happy with the Product you can Return it for a Full Refund.

OUR MISSION is to Provide Game Changing Technical Training Aids Designed to Improve the Performance of Everyone that Plays Golf & to Deliver Outstanding Value for Money Products and No Sales Gimmicks!

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