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Putting String Instructions

Retractable Putting String

Thank you for purchasing Putt2Win Retractable Putting String we hope you are happy with your purchase & our product helps to improve your Putting!

Please find below instructions and advice how to get the most from your training aid and optimise your putting practice.

Reminder to remove the protective cover from your mirror!

Putt2Win Putting String White Line Cable
Putt2Win Putting String Unit on Peg

Putting String Unit

Your Putting String unit is extremely easy to use, choose the putt you want to practice and insert the hooked peg shown in the photo into the ground at either end of the putt and slide the string unit onto the peg as shown in the photo. Gently pull the line from the unit to the desired end of the putt upto 20 feet from the unit. Loop the end of the string round the anchor peg and slide it into the green and you're all set to start improving your Putting.

Locking Switch

The string unit has a locking switch to lock the string in place so that it can be drawn more tightly over the length of the putt which is particularly useful in windy conditions. Pull the pegs out of the ground if you need to adjust the line and re-insert where necessary. When you're finished unlock the string unit and the line will retract conveniently back into the unit ready for next time.

Pro Set

If you have purchased the Pro Putting String Set you will also receive the Putt2Win Mirror, Ghost Hole & Ball Stencil with Marker Pens. Use the Mirror as shown lining up the lines on the mirror with your putting string which will give you great lined visuals to putt the ball along. Square your Putter Face against the lines on the mirror to ensure your putter is square to target and use the lines drawn on the ball which will guide you to roll the ball to the target.

Ghost Hole

The Pro Set also includes a Ghost Hole that you can use to Putt to if there isn't a hole cut where you want to practice.

Alternatively you can use your ghost hole to mark the breaking point of a Putt, roll the ball over the Ghost Hole at the right pace, catch the break and watch your ball fall into the hole!

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