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Ghost Holes

3 Ghost Holes are included in your pack that you can use as targets to aim for indoors or out and printed on both sides to give you a choice of target layout. Your Ghost Holes can also be used to mark the breaking point of a putt to roll the ball over on its journey to the hole or a landing spot when practicing chipping.

Putting Mirror

Use the Mirror as shown in the images below lining up the centre line on the mirror to your target. The mirror will provide great lined visuals to putt the ball along, lines to ensure your putter is square to target and, if you have them, lines on the ball to align to the target. Your head position should be reflected in the mirror to ensure you setup in a consistent position and your head maintains its position during the putting stroke.

Ball in the Mirror Centre

Place the Ball on top of the hole in the centre of the mirror aligning your head position, lead shoulder & putter as shown.

Putt2Win Putting Mirror Reflection

Ball in Front of the Mirror

Place the Ball in front of the mirror as shown aligning your head, trail shoulder and putter to the lines on the mirror.

Putting Mirror Outdoors

Use your Putting Mirror on the practice putting green to check alignment & head position before a game or when practicing.

Putting Mirror Indoors

Use your Putting Mirror on your favourite putting mat when practicing to work on your alignment & head position.