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Pink Castle Tees – 40 x 60mm 2 1⁄3 inches Pink Premium Bamboo Golf Tees in a Biodegradable kraft paper Resealable Bag

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Castle Tees – 40 x 60mm (40mm + 20mm Step) / 2  Inches Pink Premium Bamboo Tees in a Biodegradable kraft paper Resealable Bag with Free Ball Marker & Free Pencil. Made from Moso Bamboo which is twice as strong as regular bamboo & has a higher tensile strength than steel so they do not snap easily. Castle Tees are extremely strong & durable & fully biodegradable. Great for Golf, Great for the Planet & A Great Golf Gift.

1. ⛳ ✔️ Castle Premium Golf Tees – Pack Contains 40 Pink Tees x 60mm / 2  Inches Tall which will raise the ball 40mm above the ground with a 20mm spike going into the turf, ideal for hitting a Driver. These Tees are the same size as the Pink plastic tees that we hope will be banned from all of our golf courses soon, some golf clubs have already banned the use of plastic Tees!

 2. 🏌️ ✔️ Castle Tees are supplied in a Biodegradable kraft paper Resealable Bag and come with a Free Ball Marker & a Free Pencil making them a Great Gift.

3. ⛳ ✔️ Castle Tees are made exclusively from Moso bamboo which is TWICE as strong as the average bamboo species, has a higher tensile strength than steel and is more than FOUR times stronger than hardwood, meaning they last longer than most Tees and do not break easily! Castle Tees premium bamboo golf Tees are very strong, very durable and biodegradable, making them a more environmentally friendly alternative to plastic and hardwood Tees.

4. 🏌️ ✔️ Castle Tees are coloured from top to bottom in the same colours as their plastic counterparts and the same sizes that you’re used to using, making them easier to find around the Tee Box and saving you time having to fumble about in your Golf Bag looking for the size you want to use. Castle Tees are a great way of improving consistency off the tee ensuring the ball is teed up at the same height every time.

5. 🎋 ✔️ As we are all aware, Bamboo is a miracle plant being the fastest growing plant on earth that can be harvested in months, but it also absorbs more CO2 than trees & releases around 35% more oxygen than the average plant making it great for the planet. There is no legitimate reason for any golfer to continue littering our golf courses with plastic tees that are toxic to produce and can take up to 450 years to decompose? Take the pledge to switch over to Bamboo Tees Today!

6.  🐼 ✔️ Castle Tees are Panda Friendly because Pandas do not eat Moso Bamboo so we're not depleting their food resources.

* All sizes quoted are approximate.


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