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Training Mat Instructions

Putt2Win Putting Training Mat Instructions

Thank you for Purchasing our Putting Training mat we appreciate your support and welcome you as a customer.

Roll out your mat unwrap your Mirror & Ghost Hole and you are ready to Practice your Putting.

The Training mat has been Designed to Provide 3 Distinct Practice Zones or Putting Lanes each with a Different Level of Feedback & Support when Practicing Putting. Printed Track Lines, Putter Head Alignment Guides & Targets will make your Putting Practice more Efficient, Effective & Varied.

Printed along the full Length of the Mat are Distance Markings which make it Very Easy to Vary the Length of Putts you Practice which is Essential to Train & Build Great Distance Control.

Putter Alignment

The Central Putting Line & the Tram Line Zone on the Mat both have Alignment Lines Printed to help you Perfectly Align the Putter Head to be Square to your Target. The Lines are also Useful if you want to Putt Multiple Balls along the Mat to Specific Distances ie Putt from 8 Feet to 1 Feet then to 2 Feet then to 3 Feet to Help Build your Distance Control.

Ghost Hole

Use your Ghost Hole to Create Additional Targets on your Mat to Putt over that don't already have one.

Can also be used on the Practice Green before a Game if there isn't a Hole already Cut in the part of the Green you want to Putt to.

Practice Putting in Both Directions

The Training Mat has been Designed for the Golfer to Putt Along its Length in Both Directions. The Tram Line Zone has Hole Sized Targets at both ends to Putt to or Over.

The Centre Line Zone has a Hole Printed with a Run Off Zone to Help you Practice Putts that are Rolled Positively Over and Past the Hole.

The Final Zone of the Training Mat has No Lines so that you can Practice on an area Similar to the Putting Green on the Golf Course. Small White Dots are Printed in the Centre of this Mat Zone to Help Tee the Ball in the Centre, Provide an Intermediate Target to Role the Ball Over and they make it Easy to Align any Targets you want to Place in the Centre of the Zone.

Putting Mirror

Use your Compact Putt2Win Putting Mirror to Check you Maintain a Consistent Eye Position Over the Ball and your Head Remains Still During your Putting Stroke.

Line up your Mirror to the Target and use the Alignment lines to Check that your Putter Face is Square to your target Essential to Improve your Putting.

Putting Mirror Option

Place the Ball in Front of the Mirror if you want to Use more of the Reflective Surface to Check your Setup. The Mirror is Stainless Steel and can be Easily Cleaned and Polished using Glass or Metal Cleaners.

Your Putt2Win Putting Mat can be Easily Cleaned with Household Carpet Cleaning Products and can be Hoovered to Remove any Dust etc.

We hope our Putting Training Mat Helps to Improve your Putting Skills and Provides many Hours of Pleasure as you try to Master the Wonderful Game of Golf!

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