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Putting First Aid Kit Instructions

Putting First Aid Kit

Thank you for purchasing the Putting First Aid Kit from Putt2Win we hope you are happy with your purchase!

Please find below instructions and advice how to get the most from your training aids and optimise your putting practice.

Putting Guides

Use the Putting Guides as shown. Align the Centre of the Putter with the Centre of the Ball & Place the Guides either side of the Putter Head leaving a small gap on either side (as you improve reduce the size of the gap).

Putt the Ball without Hitting the Guides to Improve Stroke Accuracy & Become a More Consistent Putter.

This is reported to be Tiger Woods Favourite Putting Drill.

The Guides can be Secured into the Green using Four Golf Tees. The Guides are made of Foam which Will NOT Mark your Putter if Hit Accidentally.

Putting Gates Indoor on Putting Mat

Use Putting Guides Indoor

Your Putting Guides can also be used for indoor Putting Practice on your Favourite Putting Mat as shown in the image

Putting Mirror

Use the Mirror as shown with either a regular golf ball or your Flat golf ball lining up the lines on the mirror to your target giving you great lined visuals to putt the ball along, lines to ensure your putter is square to target and, if you want, lines on the ball to align to the target.

Putting Mirror

You can also place the golf ball at the front of the Mirror if you want to see more of your reflection when Practicing your Putting.

Flat Golf Ball

The Flat Golf Ball is a Putting Aid shaped similar to a car tyre that provides instant feedback on your putting stroke when practicing.

Place the ball upright lined up to your target & stroke your putt. Hit the ball square & it will roll straight to your target. Hit the ball with an open or closed putter face & it will veer off to the left or right or wobble or fall over.

Simple effective feedback to instantly highlight issues with your putting stroke.

Ghost Holes

3 Ghost Holes are included in your putting tin that you can use as targets to aim for indoors or out and printed on both sides to give you a choice of layout.

Use your ghost holes to mark the breaking point of a putt to roll the ball over on its journey to the hole.

Putting Gate

A 55mm Putting Gate is included which is ideal to focus your attention on your starting line when practicing.

Place the gate around 18 inches to 2 feet from your ball on your target line and roll either your flat ball or standard golf ball through the gate without touching the sides, a lot more difficult than it sounds!

Stencil Line Marker

Use the stencil and marker pens to draw lines on your Flat Ball or on a regular golf ball to help you align to the target.

You can use lined golf balls on the course to take your practice with you when you're playing.

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