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Putt2Win Training Putting Practice Mat is a Quality Technical Training Mat Designed in the UK to Help Golfers of all Ages and Skill Levels to Improve their Putting. Great Golf Gift.

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Included with the Training Mat is a Putting Mirror and a Target Ghost Hole along with Precise Alignment & Track Lines to make your Putting Practice Effective & Varied. A Drawstring Carry Bag is Included. Mat Size is Approximately 300 x 50 cm.

1. ✔️ PERFECT YOUR PUTTING AT HOME OR WORK – A Premium Putting Mat is an Essential Training Aid for Any Golfer Young or Old Wanting to Improve their Putting Skills. The Putt2Win Training Putting Mat is Expertly Designed in the UK to Provide an Innovative Training Mat that makes Putting Practice Effective, Varied, Challenging, and Easy to Fit into your Day wherever you are. Our Mat is 300cm x 50cm which is Longer than Most on the Market giving our Customers even Better Value!

2. ✔️ MADE OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIALS - Our Premium Training Mat is Constructed with a High Quality Cut-Pile Surface Innovatively Designed to Accurately Replicate a Medium UK Golf Green, with a Stimp Meter Reading of 8 to 9. A Non-Slip Durable, Extra Thick, TPR Rubber Backing Enables the Mat to Lie Smooth & Flat Every Time you use it giving a Consistently Smooth & Reliable Roll.

3. ✔️ PUTTING MIRROR & GHOST HOLE INCLUDED – The Putt2Win Putting Mirror is Perfect for checking your Eye / Head Position when Putting & Ensure the Head Stays Still during the Stroke, Crucial to Holing More Putts. Lines on the Mirror will also Help you Easily Square the Putter Face to the Target & Provide Visual Aids to Help Putt the Ball along the Right Line. The Ghost Hole lets you Place a Hole to Putt Over Anywhere on the Putting Mat.

4. ✔️ PUTTING PRACTICE ZONES - The Putt2Win Putting Mat has 3 Practice Zones to Provide Varying Levels of Feedback & Support when Practicing Putting. Printed along the full Length of the Mat are Distance Markings which make it Very Easy to Vary the Length of Putts which is Essential to Build Distance Control. Printed Putter Alignment Guides, Ball Tracks & Targets Provide Effective Putting Practice & the Final Zone has no Lines so that you can Practice on an area Similar to the Putting Green on the Golf Course. 

5. ✔️ Putt2Win IS EXCELLENT VALUE & A GREAT GIFT – Not only is the Putt2Win Training Putting Mat a Great Practice Aid it also comes with a Putting Mirror, Target Ghost Hole & a Compact Drawstring Bag to Store Everything Compactly & Neatly Together Ready for Next Time making it an Ideal Gift for anyone that Plays Golf.

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