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Putt2Win Putting String Guide Line 20ft Automatic Retractable White Line - Pro Golf Alignment a Great Gift for Any Golfer

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Putt2Win Retractable 20 feet Pro Golf Putting String Guide with 2 custom pegs & a neoprene Carry Bag. The Perfect Putting Practice Golf Alignment Training Aid - A Great Gift for Any Golfer Young or Old Putt2Win Retractable Putting String is a Simple yet Powerful Training Tool to help Golfers Make More Putts. The String Unit is close to 20 feet long, Expertly Designed in the UK with a White String to Stand out More Easily on the Practice Putting Green. Putting String is used by Tour Pro Golfers & Golf Instructors All Around the World and is One of the Best & Most Popular Practice Training Aids on the Market. Putt2Win Putting String is Extremely Quick & Easy to Setup Taking only Seconds to Insert Specially Designed Pegs into the Green & Hook the Retractable String Unit on top of the Pegs. The Unit will Store Compactly & Neatly in your Golf Bag & Save you Time & Hassle by Eliminating String Tangles Completely.

1.⛳ ✔️ PERFECT YOUR PUTTING USING ALIGNMENT AIDS – Every Golfer wants to be a Better Putter & Hole More Putts. All Golfers know the Importance of Good Alignment & being Able to Visualise a Straight Line to the Hole or See the Start Line to the Break Point on a Breaking Putt. Putt2Win Putting String sets up in Seconds and Provides a Great Visual Aid so you can Clearly See the Correct Start Line to the Hole to Putt the Ball Along which Quickly Builds Confidence in Trusting your Aim and Stroke.

2.⛳ ✔️ ROBUST PUTTING STRING UNIT DESIGNED IN THE UK - The Putt2Win Putting String Unit is a Robust Retractable Spring based Line Feed which has been Expertly Designed in the UK. The Unit Quickly & Effortlessly Releases and Rewinds Close to 20 feet of White Putting String and has a Switch to Lock the Line in Place Allowing it to be More Tightly Stretched between the Pegs. Putt2Win Provide the Most Innovative Training Concepts to make Putting Practice Effective, Efficient & Effortlessly Easy.

3.⛳ ✔️ CUSTOM SPECIALLY DESIGNED METAL PEGS – The Putt2Win Retractable Putting String comes with Two Metal Pegs one to Hook the End of the String round and the other Specially Designed to Effortlessly Slide the String Unit onto & Hold it in Position, it Really could not be Easier or Simpler to Setup and Use. The Pegs do not Damage Putting Greens and Slide Easily In to & Out of the Turf.

4.⛳ ✔️ NEOPRENE BAG INCLUDED – A Neoprene Bag is Included which Easily Slides into your Golf Bag and Conveniently Stores & Protects your Putting Line..


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