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Boomerang Golf Putting Training Aids, Tour Putting Stroke Trainer, Pressure Putting Challenge, Indoor/Outdoor Golf Putting Mat + Kinetic Ball Returner - Pressure Putting Practice Anywhere, Anytime

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HOLEMORE: Addictive skill challenge + Tour proven putting aid + Kinetic golf ball returner + Fast putting mat. The single most efficient way to use your time away from the course.

PERFECT YOUR STROKE MECHANICS & IMPROVE CONFIDENCE: Alternate precise lag & strike putts, with lots of reps and you'll become very proficient, very quickly

PATENTED 2-BALL CHALLENGE: The 'Catch & Release' challenge is unique to the Boomerang. It's addictive, making you practice more often and more efficiently than you ever have before. While you work on lag putts you also improve alignment, line control & confidence. Practice scoring putts on a device that's quiet, doesn't need batteries, and which fits into a golf bag

MAXIMIZE YOUR DOWNTIME: The Boomerang Putting System has been used off course by some of the best players in the world for over twenty years. More reps and better feedback than you can imagine.

Product Description: Want to use your down time more efficiently? HOLEMORE, the latest Boomerang Putting Trainer, was designed for tour pros to improve or maintain stroke mechanics when they're away from the course.

With HOLEMORE anyone can get feedback from hundreds or even thousands of very precise putts (up to 12ft), never breaking setup or moving off their spot to retrieve a ball! Use it anywhere,

HOLEMORE is a science experiment for your putting stroke. More than that, it's the ability to work on any part of your stroke, while measuring and managing results.

Finally, HOLEMORE is engaging (I've personally rolled over 2.5 million putts in the past 20 years) and rewarding, and makes practice addictive! Whether you're investing in your stroke today, or not, thanks for checking us out and good luck on the greens!!! 😀 Alex Moore - —- N.B. IF YOU ARE PURCHASING TODAY PLEASE WATCH THE MAT PREP VIDEO AT THE WEBSITE: Roll it, crease it, iron it - and get a perfect putting surface every time! 


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